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Thread: Final Proceeds of Asada Mao Book for Charity

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    Final Proceeds of Asada Mao Book for Charity

    Asada Mao Book for Charity, which was sold exclusively on the publisher's internet site between May 10th to 31st, sold 18,919 copies.

    Final donation proceeds of the book totaled approximately 10 million yen (in excess of 120,000 US dollars).

    Mao Asada, who is presently in Russia for choreography, commented: 'I feel incredulous, and think that this number, given the short period (it was on sale), is amazing. I want to express my gratitude for everyone's cooperation.'

    Everyone involved in the project including Mao Asada, the writer (Yoshida Jun), designer and cameraman contributed to the making of the book without pay. Minimal effort was made by the publishing company to advertise the book, but was spread word of mouth.

    Editor in charge of the project commented: 'I only have words of gratitude. It gave me strength to know that this kind of project had such an impact based on just word-of-mouth.'
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    It would be wonderful if this book could be translated into English as well. There are many fans all over the world who would embrace the opportunity to share their love of Mao and of this sport with an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause.

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    A great charity plan.Glad to hear it goes well.

    Chinese Mao Asada forum also booked nearly a hundred copies

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