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This leaves eligibles Chan, Kozuka, Takahashi and Joubert, and recently retired Lysacek, Plushenko (?) and Lambiel. Any six from that group (or Buttle) would make a strong competition, IMHO. I think Chan would win easily unless they “modify” the CoP to take away his point-getting advantages. If they give more weight to, as they put it,

Exciting, fan-friendly performances featuring contemporary music.

that would give crowd-pleasers like Lambiel and Takahashi an edge.
Chan's recent choices of programs seem to favor light lighted exhibition reflective of his fun personality and dramatic point maximizing LP, if his new LP is indeed as leaked/rumoured, and I'm curious if he will debut a new show program this summer. It is possible he is interested in participating in the pro-am competition even as he starts his college courses this fall, by not doing the third GP and too many shows. Then he and Nichol may just start doing "fan-friendly perfroemances featuring contemporary music" to be used in both regular and pro-am competitions. Similarly, other medalist/top skaters may start adopting such music to facilitate participation in the pro-am.

Perhaps this is how ISU is trying to affect the music selection of regular competitions without a direct decree, hoping for TV revival via star power and popular appeal.