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Thread: Help with identifying the recording...

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    Help with identifying the recording...

    Does anyone know the artist Grischuk/Platov used for this FD:

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    "blue dog"
    it sure sounds like "St. James Infirmary" blues
    by Luis Armstrong?
    check "the Best of Jazz Classics "from Luis Armstrong

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    In fact it's "St.James Infirmary", used also by Maria Butyrskaya for her 1999 SP = and Vanessa Gusmeroli for her 2000 SP =
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    Blue dog, I can't tell you the artist, because very seldom did any group perform this song the same way twice, and here the words are edited out, so all you've got are the solos. It's definitely St. James Infirmary.

    The choreo was by Shanti Ruspaul AFAIR, so the music could have been from anywhere. St James Infirmary is an old, old piece and everyone's done it.
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