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adam needs to pick a coach and stay there. He's chasing the latest greatest coaches expecting magic... Morosov was no longer the king of coaches, so he goes to Orser... that didn't work and oh! look! Yuka and Jason are the hot item now let's go to them.
Sure, it may look that way to you, but only Adam knows what he needs from a coach and he's the one who has to deal with the consequences of his coaching change decisions.

Jeremy Abbott (@jeremyabbottpcf) tweeted yesterday:
Now that the cats out of the bag I'd like to extend a warm welcome to @Adaripp [Adam Rippon] I'm really excited to be training together!
Here's the link to Universal Sports' Skype interview with Rippon about his coaching change and summer plans. Excerpt from the interview:
My long program with Pasquale [Camerlengo] - I LOVED working with him - it's kind of a classical program. With Shae Lynn [Bourne] it's a folk number ... I love working with her, she's incredible, she's probably one of the best skaters that ever skated.