Within the next two weeks entries should be posted for several summer competitions in Canada.

If I understand the Quebec website correctly, the closing date for the Quebec Summer competition (August 11-14) is June 21st. Therefore this link, updated today, may give the final entry list for the competition.

Other competitions in July and August, along with entry date cutoffs, are the following:

Minto July 28-31 (Deadline July 1st).
Wildrose August 5-7 (Deadline July 7th)
Prairie Skate August 5-7, Virden (Deadline July 7th)
Summer Sizzle (WOS) August 5-7 (Deadline July 7th)
Thornhill Summer Skate (COS) August 11-14 (Deadline July 7th)
BC SummerSkate August 18-21 (Deadline July 13).