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Thread: Chock & Bates to team up

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    Quote Originally Posted by KKonas View Post
    Sorry to hear of the recent dance splits. Understand that Zuerlein was ready to move on with his life. He was working as a coach to help with expenses. Did hear that Chock tried out with Collin Brubaker and Keiffer Hubbell before Evan Bates, so both Brubaker who is 6'1" and Hubbell 6'
    are available and apparently on the market. Perhaps Emily Samuelson will find one a suitable partner if she wants to continue. Hope it works out well for all.
    Weird, I thought Keiffer Hubbell was retiring.

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    Its just that Madi skates so slow...her twizzles especially. Greg would always either pull or guide-push her forward so she'd catch up with him after those. I honestly cannot imagine C/B being a better technical team than S/B. Emily had the best toepoint in the business and as much vivacity as Madi along with better skating skills. However, that being said, I think they'll have more chemistry together than with their old partners. I would have preferred Chock & Hubbell and MadiHubbell & Bates though.

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