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    I think one reason the young Russians did so well was because they didn't do shows like the Japanese and Chan did during the short summer. Also, have the girls been doing the JGP which started earlier? I hope they don't fall to Rippon syndrome, i.e. peaking well too early.

    Joannie had some real problem with her 2Lo<< worth 0.23 point after -2 and -3 GOE, accounting for her low TES. That shows how competitive she still is even technically.

    Besides the falls on 3T and 3A, both fully rotated, Chan suffered from a rare 3Lz< and a non jump fall. As well, the GOE values on non-leveled step sequence were quite a bit lower than last year and I wonder if this is a ISU rule change. His program content, if well executed, has very high BV and the potential to score very high TES like last season, before a new quad to possibly be added late in the season.

    Alissa had too many cheated jumps. So did Daisuke.
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