Thank you, thank you, thank you for these videos!!!! I have to admit, I hate to see all the falls, but I have this immediate positive impression of Chan's LP. Many people get tired of Aranjuez, but it sucks me in every time, and I like how is natural speed and flow somehow fits with this. Can't wait to see this program get better with time.

It is so great to see Rochette again (come back, come back!). I don't quite have a feeling about Alyssa's LP yet - it is in some ways beautiful or potentially so. Maybe it just needs more mileage - but it felt to me, too, a bit empty or like something just wasn't quite convincing about it; and when I turned the sound off, it looked rushed (and I don't mean she seemed to be skating quickly, just that little spots where she seemed to rush toward elements or out of them). But, it is very early in the season and I so look forward to watching her progress (would love to see her win a lot, too!!!!).