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Thread: 2011 Glacier Falls Summer Classic, August 5-7, Anaheim, CA

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    2011 Glacier Falls Summer Classic, August 5-7, Anaheim, CA

    The competition rink is Anaheim Ice in Anaheim, California.

    Senior Ladies who have registered include: Mirai Nagasu, Ashley Wagner, Vanessa Lam, Caroline Zhang, Courtney Hicks, McKinzie Daniels, Leah Keiser

    Senior Men: Jason Brown, Douglas Razzano (SP only), Jonathan Cassar, Max Aaron, Scott Dyer, Alexander Johnson, Andrew Gonzales, Christopher Caluza, Sean Rabbitt, Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA)

    Senior Pairs: Mary Beth Marley/Rockne Brubaker (she has registered online, he's not yet)

    Junior Ladies include: Katarina Kulgeyko, Gracie Gold, Allison Timlen, Jessica Pfund, Alana Walker

    Junior Men include: Nathan Chen, Shotaro Omori, Jay Yostanto

    Junior Pairs: Morgan Agster/Adam Civiello (he's not yet registered), Caitlin Fields/Jason Pacini
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    Does anyone know if/when I can buy tickets to this? Do they need to be bought in advance? And how much they will cost?

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    I think they are $5 at the door, you can just buy it when you arrive. Plenty of seating (but hard/cold/uncomfortable, so bring your own cushion/blanket). I hope to go as well, maybe we could meet up.

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    Does anyone have more information about the competition? Especially the schedule...

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    There are 10 US men registered for the Senior event at Glacier Falls competition this week: Max Aaron, Jason Brown, Christopher Caluza, Jonathan Cassar, Scott Dyer, Joshua Farris, Andrew Gonzales, Alex Johnson, Sean Rabbitt, and Douglas Razzano (SP only). Aaron is the Jr. champ and the other 9 all competed Senior at 2011 Nationals -- a good early season field! Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (ITA) and Vadim Akolzin (ISR in pairs) round out the roster.

    The Junior Men's field at Glacier Falls looks quite strong, too (2011 US Nationals level/placement included, if applicable): Nathan Chen N1, Maverick Eguia (PHI), Timothy Koleto J10, Patrick Leahy, Michael Christian Martinez (PHI), *Jordan Moeller N2, *Shotaro Omori J9, *Nix Phengsy N3, Ryou Sagami (JPN), *David Wang J7, *Philip Warren J6, and *Jay Yostanto.
    (* = in ISP and JGP-eligible)

    Senior Ladies (14 registered - 2011 US Nationals level/placement included): Sophia Adams, Chantine Akiyama, *McKinzie Daniels J4, Nicole Fowler, *Courtney Hicks J1, *Leah Keiser, Ayano Kitamura JPN, *Vanessa Lam S7, *Mirai Nagasu S3, Jennifer Osibov, Victoria Tugolukova, *Ashley Wagner S6, Porter Waung, *Caroline Zhang S12
    (* = in ISP)

    Junior Ladies (19 registered - 2011 US Nationals level/placement included): Lauren Campbell, Gina DeNatale, Hailli Dorman, Carly Gold, *Gracie Gold, Hayley Kidd, *Katarina Kulgeyko J3, Rachel Mendelsohn, Elisa Ogino (JPN), Aju Ono (JPN), Alyssa-Marie Pereslete, Rebecca Phung, Jessica Pfund N12, Summer Reyna, Janae Sims, Taylor Sirset, Allison Timlen J10, Ysabel Tran N9, Alana Walker N7.
    (* = in ISP)

    Preliminary event schedule is copied below (I didn't include the Artistic and the Pre-Juvenile and below Girls events in the OLY rink on Friday).

    The 2 rinks are NHL and OLY.

    Friday, August 05, 2011

    Ev# Start End Loc Level Event Grp Type
    7:00 AM 8:26 AM Intermediate Short Program A Ladies
    8:26 AM 9:16 AM Open Juvenile Free Skate Ladies
    9:16 AM 9:36 AM Ice Resurface
    9:36 AM 11:26 AM Novice Short Program A Ladies
    11:26 AM 12:48 PM Intermediate Short Program C Ladies
    12:48 PM 1:08 PM Ice Resurface
    1:08 PM 2:48 PM Novice Short Program B Ladies
    2:48 PM 4:15 PM Intermediate Short Program B Ladies
    4:15 PM 4:35 PM Ice Resurface
    4:35 PM 6:45 PM Junior Short Program Ladies
    6:45 PM 7:05 PM Ice Resurface
    7:05 PM 8:25 PM Senior Short Program Men
    8:25 PM 8:50 PM Ice Resurface
    8:50 PM 10:25 PM Senior Short Program Ladies

    4:25 PM 5:27 PM Novice Short Program Men
    6:57 PM 8:15 PM Junior Short Program Men
    8:15 PM 8:32 PM Junior Pairs SP
    8:32 PM 8:38 PM Senior Pairs SP Exhibition
    8:38 PM 8:51 PM Pre-Juvenile Free Skate Boys
    8:51 PM 9:16 PM Juvenile Free Skate Boys
    9:16 PM 9:46 PM Intermediate Short Program Men

    Saturday, August 06, 2011

    Ev# Start End Loc Level Event Grp Type
    7:00 AM 7:38 AM Starlight Waltz, Pre-Gold National Solo Dance Series
    7:38 AM 7:58 AM Fourteenstep, Pre-Silver National Solo Dance Series
    7:58 AM 8:12 AM Fiesta Tango, Bronze National Solo Dance Series
    8:12 AM 8:32 AM Cha Cha, Pre-Bronze National Solo Dance Series
    8:32 AM 8:58 AM Rhythm Blues, Preliminary National Solo Dance Series
    8:58 AM 9:10 AM Dance - Intermediate Exhibition
    9:10 AM 9:25 AM Ice Resurface
    9:25 AM 11:43 AM Junior Freeskating Ladies
    11:43 AM 12:02 PM Pre-Juvenile Pairs Freeskate (6.0)
    11:43 AM 12:02 PM Juvenile Pairs Freeskate
    11:43 AM 12:02 PM Intermediate Pairs Freeskate
    12:02 PM 12:14 PM Senior Pairs FS Exhibition
    12:14 PM 12:29 PM Ice Resurface
    12:29 PM 2:05 PM Senior Freeskating Men
    2:05 PM 3:35 PM Junior Freeskating Men
    3:35 PM 3:55 PM Ice Resurface
    3:55 PM 5:44 PM Senior Freeskating Ladies
    5:44 PM 6:04 PM Ice Resurface
    6:04 PM 8:13 PM Novice Freeskating A Ladies
    8:13 PM 8:33 PM Ice Resurface
    8:33 PM 10:30 PM Novice Freeskating B Ladies

    Ev# Start End Loc Level Event Grp Type
    7:00 AM 9:13 AM Juvenile Free Skate A Girls
    9:13 AM 9:33 AM Ice Resurface
    9:33 AM 11:46 AM Juvenile Free Skate B Girls
    11:46 AM 12:01 PM Ice Resurface
    12:01 PM 1:44 PM Intermediate Freeskating A Ladies
    1:44 PM 2:03 PM Junior Pairs FS
    2:03 PM 2:18 PM Ice Resurface
    2:18 PM 4:01 PM Intermediate Freeskating B Ladies
    4:01 PM 4:21 PM Ice Resurface
    4:21 PM 6:00 PM Intermediate Freeskating C Ladies

    Sunday, August 07, 2011

    Ev# Start End Loc Level Event Grp Type
    7:00 AM 7:47 AM Pre-Preliminary Free Skate B Girls
    7:47 AM 8:30 AM Preliminary Free Skate A Girls
    8:30 AM 8:50 AM Ice Resurface
    8:50 AM 9:26 AM Preliminary Free Skate B Girls
    9:26 AM 10:13 AM Pre-Preliminary Free Skate A Girls
    10:13 AM 10:33 AM Ice Resurface
    10:33 AM 11:43 AM Juvenile Free Skate Girls
    11:43 AM 12:29 PM Pre-Juvenile Free Skate A Girls
    12:29 PM 12:49 PM Ice Resurface
    12:49 PM 1:25 PM Intermediate Freeskating Men
    1:25 PM 2:07 PM Pre-Juvenile Free Skate B Girls
    2:07 PM 2:27 PM Ice Resurface
    2:27 PM 4:00 PM Intermediate Freeskating Ladies
    4:00 PM 5:18 PM Novice Freeskating Men
    5:18 PM 5:38 PM Ice Resurface
    5:38 PM 6:56 PM Novice Freeskating Ladies
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    ^Thank you!

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