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Thread: Jason Brown: Cut or Keep ponytail?

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    Keep the pony tail! Cut it when you want to.

    As for attire for ladies, I would appreciate black dress, any shape or style, no or minimal stones for SP. Then, FS can be typical skating costume. Same concept for men.

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    There are several pieces of music that might not look right with a black costume, though. Odette (white swan from swan lake) would be an odd role to skate while wearing black, and Ave Maria, for example, would probably just look like a practice session with an all-black costume.

    I, too, like many of the more understated costumes (Alissa in white was lovely, as was Sasha, and I like many of the simple dresses from the 70's), but I wouldn't want to make them into school uniforms.

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    And there are a lot of music which might not work well with long hair style. I have to say that I hate his long hair, but whether to keep it or not is his decision.

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    It doesn't matter because Jason's hair is always clean and neat when I've seen him skate.

    Other competitors with long hair (male and female) don't always present their hair nicely. While some people like the look of "I rolled out of bed and onto the ice without showering/shaving/brushing my hair," I don't care for the look. I also dislike watching them fling the hair out of their eyes so they can see where they're going.

    Jason's hair is not an issue at this point, imo. He can wear it however he wants to - it's iconic and unique.
    If he wants to cut it short, he should do so in the summer - short hair is nice and cool, assuming he gets out of the rink and off to the beach/pool a few times.

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    Signature look like Rohene.

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    As someone who saw Jason for the first time in competition last season, my first impression of him sitting in the stands was "who's that girl?". I thought his skating was awesome but I personally don't like the ponytail and imo it makes him look even more like his mother.

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