I think that it is a tragedy that Paradis/Ouellette have not been given an assignment as yet. They were 5th if junior at nationals last season, they have been getting good results this year, beating Poulin/Servant at Quebec. I also think that the Quebec teams that went to Lake Placid instead of Minto competition did themselves a dis-service as skate canada has seemed to choose most of their assignments from Minto. If the Quebec teams had gone to Minto and were above the B.C teams and Bent/Mckeen, they would be getting the assignments now. The exception of course of the Hasagawas and Poulin/Servant who were pre-chosen because of their placements at nationals last year. I also think that Orford/Williams have a really good chance of making the junior grand prix final. They should likely win JGP Australia and will medal at their second assignment. I agree with NorthernDancers is saying Orford/Williams have the easiest event of the year in Australia but they medalled on the circuit last year and are a very good team (fast, strong, consistent) so I think they will do well anywhere they go.