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    So, Brown has a commanding lead, especially since Tanaka (who's in second) has a triple axel. The former scored level fours on three spins AND footwork, and got positive GOEs across the board. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our first favourite for World juniors.

    Firus suffered from doing a 3t-3t combo and slightly easier spins. And GOEs. Tanaka, who had a 3.4 BV advantage over Brown still lost on TES because of his weaker GOEs as well. Remarkable for the young American and justifying the hope people have in/for him.

    Programs from the top three.

    Brown, SP
    Tanaka, SP
    Firus, SP

    I have to admit I'm not sure I'd give Brown THAT big a lead over Tanaka - Tanaka was clean (except an edge call on the lutz) but his TES is actually lower than his BV. Anyway, it looks like Brown for first, Tanaka in second, and Firus fighting off a group of men for the bronze.

    ETA: Berneck: Got hit with two downgrades and that buried him. Awesome transition into the 2A and some great spin positions (if not speed).
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