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Wow. Really interesting results in ice dance, especially after checking the protocols. Congrats to Hubbell/Donohue. What a great way to start the year. I think this is their first big competition? Really too bad for the Canadians. I saw Ralph/Hill in Thornhill. They look to have made a little improvement, but posture, line etc are still issues. And costumes are still issues. It was just, eh. Nothing super special. International judges seem to agree, and they finished behind Hubbell/Donohue. Quite surprised at Harvey/Gagnon. Haven't seen them skate yet, but with a -1 deduction, I thought for sure they must have fallen. It's a long lift in looking at the protocols. These marks just aren't that good for either the first or second mark. If the FD doesn't improve, I wonder if they will still find themselves at Skate Canada? Any other teams Skate Canada could send to Finlandia so they can get some international points first?
I too was shocked at Harvey/Gagnon; however, they received L2s on both sequences of Rhumba - if they had gotten their L4s then they would have been ahead of Asher/Hill. I suppose, really, it's the easiest thing they could fix for SC. Not sure if SC gets to keep the 3rd spot if Harvey/Gagnon fail to meet their minimum score, but assume it would Asher/Hill they're replaced with...that is if SC keeps the spot.