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I had heard that they were skating to a different music to keep their real FD music "secret".

I don't get it.

Certainly it doesn't look they have many hours on this program, and the twizzles are a hot mess. The lifts are not smooth, nor are they particularly interesting.

I wonder whether it's a quickly thrown together exhibition so that they had something they could show at the test skate without revealing their real program.

At least I hope so. They can do so much better than this.
I wish you were right but I'm afraid to say I think this is probably their real FD. At first, I actually thought they were skating an exhibition because I heard song lyrics. But then I saw them do an actual program. Either way, the music is not an excuse. I am not satisfied with their skating- even the new lifts are not good AND WILL HE EVER LEARN HOW TO DO TWIZZLES? She usually does them. He can't.

I don't like the program and if they keep it up this way, they won't progress this year. I don't think I/K will win nationals.