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About the only time D&W did a Senior B was 2009 when they competed at (and won) Nebelhorn, preparatory to the Olympics.

One thing I can't see S&Z doing is having D&W and V&M at the same Senior B. I'm surprised that the Shibs are going.

Since Skate America is the first GP this year on Oct 21-23, D&W will be getting input almost as early on without the hassle & expense of travelling to Europe and disruption of their college curriculum. Their second GP is CoR, which this year is the last GP on Nov 25-27, so they have time to adjust things that need adjusting accordingly.
I didn't know the only time D&W competed at a Senior B was in 2009, so your explanation makes sense. On the other hand, the Shibs did Nebelhorn Trophy last year, and given that their GP assignments this year were back-to-back, they would want to do an early Senior B as a preparation.

Although I didn't expect D/W & V/M to be competing in a same Senior B, can you tell me why it's a surprise for V/M and the Shibs to be competing in a same Senior B?