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Their facial expressions in this seasons dances are exactly the same as last seasons. How about a smile section and maybe a dramatic section? Just some range. Can their be some range? It's like from the start of their SD to the end of their FD their faces are injected with Botox so they can't move away from smilng. They will have all level 4's and will win all their GPS and medal probably at the GPF and worlds (again). So because they have all level 4 capability do some different style program. How about building to a smile?
Have you seen these guys off the rink? They are happy people. If anything it reflects their enjoyment of the sport. Can they control those smiles better? Sure. Could they learn to express other feelings. Also sure. But to accuse them of being fake -- when they clearly are not -- is not cool.

They have level 4s because they have good technical skills. Expression is not scored in TES. I think they're getting the proper docking for that in their PCS scores.

And also, they have done different programs-- have you not seen their junior stuff? Not a single Nat King Cole song in the mix.