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    Quote Originally Posted by silverlake22 View Post
    ITA. Looking at protocols the downgraded 2lz and silly mistakes like not holding her spins long enough resulting in a level 3 and level 2, not adding a 3rd combination, and then somehow getting a level 1 on her footwork, cost her some points. The result is right, but I don't agree with Gracie's PCS being higher than Risa's, especially where Gracie was not totally clean herself either. Risa's program is also a little frontloaded but for her I think that's probably a good call for her where she struggles with URs. Today her jumps looked good though, they aren't big like Gracie's but not distractingly tiny like Vanessa Lam's (who I still love!), and no URs issued except for the popped lutz. I hope she and her coach can go back and address these little issues because I really think she can medal at the JGPF this season. Julia will likely run away with gold but IMO, Risa is the next strongest skater out of the remaining qualifiers. Funny though, she reminds me a lot of Arakawa who was also often overlooked from an artistic standpoint even though I found her artistry and basics some of the best in the business. Oh well, Gracie was awesome so I'm happy for her and hope she makes the JW team and prevents a Russian sweep of the podium there. Risa also seemed nervous today which may have affected her PCS, as did Cesario and Shershak. I felt especially bad for Samantha who looked borderline terrified while skating. I really wanted her in the final this season but am happy Polina K now gets a chance as she is a gorgeous skater as well.
    Actually the two main mistakes Goldie got is that she got a Level 2 combo spin and that single loop. Neither mistake really disrupted her program, in fact, I was impressed that she just kind of moved on to the next thing. Also I noticed with her spin that she clearly saw she was not doing some of those last rotations, so she smartly finished it up. She was very focused, which bodes well for her in the future when the pressure's on.

    I agree Risa has beautiful skating and I agree the nervousness and tentativeness she show in some parts of the program probably cost her some PCS points.

    I will say her 2A-3T is one of the best in the biz. What ice distance! and she got all +1 and +2s on GOE! She and Julia got the exact points for that element and if both are clean and hit all the levels their BV are nearly the same (57.61 for Julia vs 57.21 for Gracie) Junior Worlds is going to be interesting...
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