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Thread: US Qualifying Season

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    US Qualifying Season

    Looking at the three Regionals which are currently underway, I am sort of confused. In NWP region, there are no novice, junior or senior men listed- no events for them. How does that work as far as who progresses to Sectionals? If there are no competitors for certain events, how are Sectionals structured? I thought that the top four from each level moved on.

    Just looking for clarification from wise individuals!!

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    I am attending most of the NWPAC regionals.....I dont think we are going to be supplying any Junior ladies to nationals this year....tear falls....
    I am not wise but I think this is how things work. Basically, since the top four competitors from each disipline go to Sectionals, you would have to have, for instance, five Senior men to have
    a competition at regionals.....if you dont, and say you have three...then they all get byes to sectionals. Here is where I get fuzzy but then I think that since now there is an extra space at sectionals for another
    guy, he is chosen from the other regions in that section by the strength of his scores at his own that correct, Dorris?

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    Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. Here's a US Regionals discussion thread where I've contributed some info:
    If you click on my Sectionals link in my post over there, that may answer your questions.

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