Some quick hits and skater info started popping up on Twitter from Lynn, so thought I'd start a thread for it.

Reports so far from @LynnRutherford:

* 'Greetings from Ontario - In credentialing, RSzolkowy says he and ASavchenko may do throw 3A in free here, after testing it in practice.'
* 'EGedevanishvili is in Hilton lobby -- boy, does she look fit.'
* 'Change of plans for German pair already! Ingo Steuer now says his team may try the throw 3A in their short program here.'
* 'DMurakami, here fresh off win at Nepela, confirms he plans a quad Salchow in both of his programs.'
* 'Rough practice for Kozuka, jump wise, although FS steps and choreo looked great. . .'
* 'Ten's Tango FS looks great, huge opening 3A & 3LZ, and steps especially a kind of wild jump-move look good. Did easy 4T outside of runthru'
* 'Murakami also good Gladiator runthru with solid 4Sal and first 3A, skipped some jumps later.'
* 'FAmodio says he will try 4S in FS here, and also perhaps in short.'
* '2nd mens group struggled a bit w/ jumps. RDornbush trying 4T, rotated one; DRazzano hit two 4Ts; Brezina nice 3A in runthru, didn't see quad
* 'Just talked to DRazzano in mixed -- on coach Ladret's orders, he is not doing quad in either program here, in order to skate clean.'
* 'French practicing their free in costume, opening lift sure looks spectacular, as does combination lift.'
* 'Lovely runthru to Die Fledermaus from D&W -- two fast rotational lifts and lots of atmospheric waltz moves. Light and entertaining!'

Pretty sure there will be more to come. If anyone else has anymore info on the practice sessions, feel free to post!