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    I just don't believe that
    - she is in a position to comment at all, let alone negatively on a full grown ladies skills when she has not experienced competition at this stage herself.
    - She can compare competing or skating under the 6.0 system as opposed to the IJS. I just checked her lp from nationals when she was 15. She had a glaring flutz and the second loop on her lp/lp was between a half and quarter cheat. That was with low level spins and footwork.

    There are few ladies in the world who are completing consistently clean 3/3s (not including toe) without downgrades or
    edge calls in the program under pressure. Kudos to those that have hung in there until adulthood. Mirai is still battling growth issues IMO. She appears to have a more womanly body this year and is likely having to make adjustments accordingly. I hope she hangs in there as she is doing great for an 18 year old. Mao Asada is arguably the most talented skater in the last 20 years and has had to make adjustments after growing.

    I just found Taras comments to be indicative of her experience or lack there of while at the same time insulting. Maybe she would be better off working the Jr Grand Prixs.
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