Assuming both of her GP's count, Kostner leads the way with 28.

Kostner 28 (TEB)
Mirai 20 (no more GP events, long shot to make GPF)
Czissny 15 (TEB)
E-Tut 15 (TEB)
Suzuki 13 (NHK)
Adelina 11 (Rostelcom)
Ashley W. 11 (NHK)
V. Helgesson 11 (TEB)
Leonova 9 (NHK, Rostelcom, not sure if she can count best results or has to pre-designate what she's counting)
Kexin 9 (no more GP events )
Imai 9 (Rostelcom)
Gao 7 (Rostelcom)

And of course, still to compete ... MAO ASADA (NHK, Rostelcom), Agnes Zawadzki (NHK, Rostelcom) and Kiira Korpi (NHK, Rostelcom). I am sure there are mistakes, but I figured I get the party started as we are 1/2 there!