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Thread: Who Will Be At The GPF?

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    Who Will Be At The GPF?

    After three GP events, the possible entries can be narrowed down to:


    1. Chan 15 +TEB
    2. Abbott 15 +COR
    3. Brezina 15 +TEB+COR
    4. Fernandez 13 +COR
    5. Oda 13 +TEB
    6. Takahashi 11 +NHK
    7. Song 11 +TEB
    8. Kozuka 11 +NHK

    Only one of Kozuka and Takahashi will probably make it as they battle each other at NHK. Song's chance are slim at TEB. So likely only one of the last 3 will be at the GPF. If I have to bet, my money is on Kozuka. #4, #5, and either #6 or #8 may need tie breakers for 2 spots.


    1. Kostner 28 +TEB
    2. Czisny 15 +TEB
    3. Tuktamisheva 15 +TEB
    4. Suzuki 13 +NHK
    5. Wagner 11 +NHK
    6. Sotnikova 11 +COR
    7. Helgesson 11 +TEB
    8. Leonova 9 +NHK+COR
    9. Asada NHK +COR

    The top 3 and #7 will face each other at TEB so Helgesson can be counted out. Kostner will be doing her 3rd event so she may just be the spoiler for either Czinsy or Tuk depending on Suzuki's performance. I'm including Leonove from among those with 9 points because she has two more chances, facing Asada and Sotnikova at COR, her 3rd event. Before that she will compete with Suzuki, Assada, Wagner at NHK, likely spoiling Wagner's chances.


    1. Zhang/zhang 26
    2. Moore-Towers/Moscovitch 22
    3. Volosozhar/Trankov 15 +TEB
    4. Kavaguti/Smirnov 15 +NHK+COR
    5. Savshenko/Szolkowy 15 +NHK+COR
    6. Duhamel/Radford 11 +TEB
    7. Sui/Han 20

    There are 3 Pairs with 9 points each but they have virtually no chance since they will all be facing S/S and K/S as well as each other at NHK. I'd say the top 6 pairs from the list are the Finalists


    1. Virtue/Moir 15 +TEB
    2. Davis/White 15 +COR
    3. Bobrova/Soloviev 15 +COR
    4. Pechalat/Bourzat 13 +TEB
    5. Weaver/Poje 13 +NHK+COR
    6. Shibutani/Shibutani 13 +NHK
    6a. Ilynikh/Katsalopov NHK+TEB
    7. Capellini/Lanotte 11 +TEB
    8. Tobias/Stagnunas 11 +COR
    9. Carron/Jones 11 +COR

    The top 4 are almost certain to get to the Final. #7 has to face #1 and #4 at TEB so likely to add 11 points and #8 and #9 have probably no chance at all competing with #2, #3 and #5 at COR. The Dance Final entries are virtually determined at this point, i.e. the top 6 from the list. eta. Thanks to Wallylutz pointing it out, I/P has been added who are yet to start competing but could possibly knock the Shibs from the Final.

    Thanks npavel. Event added.
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    5. Savshenko/Szolkowy 15 +NHK + COR
    4. Kavaguti/Smirnov 15 +NHK + COR

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    In Ice Dance, you need to add:


    They haven't started yet but will be at the NHK. There is a chance they could beat the Shibs which they did when they won Junior worlds 2 seasons ago over the Americans. If they beat the Shibs in the NHK and the Americans ended up 3rd behind W/P and I/K, the Shibs will likely miss the GPF.

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    Oh dear, I missed I/K. There are also advantages for late starters too.

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    It's "Asada", not "Assada"

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    Keep it coming, guys! Let's see how many more mistake SF made.

    Pats self for the courage of writing out Russian names instead of using abbreviations.

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