Okay--I LOVED Michelle Kwan in 1996 and 1997 when she performed her "Salome" and "Taj Mahal" programs. She was so intense and dramatic. I loved her costumes then too--they were so ornate and theatrical.

After her loss at 1997 Worlds, Michelle changed though. Gone were the storylines of Biblical hoochies using their sex appeal to get men's heads chopped off and served up Martha Stewart style. Hello angels flying around in the clouds smiling like the doc upped their Percoset.

I believe that the quality of Michelle's skating has improved since her drama days, but she just doesn't excite me like she used to. The "Rachmaninoff" and "Lyra Angelica" programs she used in Nagano just didn't get me going. I don't like the costumes she's used either. They're plain, ugly little dresses that have thin straps--they make her look so cold. I don't like these costumes. I also didn't feel that the best way to present Scherazade was with a big cheesy angelic smile from beginning to end. I'd really like to see Michelle go back to her old self for the future. I think she has a little bit with her "Last Temptation of Christ" SP, but I haven't seen it all the way through, and the vid I saw of it was quite low quality.

So what do you all think? Which Michelle do you prefer?