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Thread: Pairs Short Program Nov 11 2:45 AM EST on IN

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    Just watched the SP's....and first set of Pairs sp's for me this season. After reading the thread, I thought I would hate them...but I was surprised by how much I liked them; I remain surprised by how much I like D/C together...and their EoE is also to me surprisingly sweet. I miss Caitlyn and want her back....But, they look good together, and she looked lovely in that lavendar dress.

    I really think S/S are in a class above - and although I really detest her beige boots (her choice, though), I kind of liked that suit on her. Regardless, she was so high in the air on the throw 3 axel....I couldn't tell what the landing problem was - was she off balance or tilted because it looked like their was room for another rotation.

    I have always had mixed feelings about K/S, and I'm sorry to hear that she once again has a dislocated something. I hope she is ok. I really think this program is cool....I especially like the footwork, but the music, her look, the's cool. I hope they can skate it clean next time.

    T/T are too cute and the other american pair with the huge height difference also have some nice qualities. anyway...I enjoyed. Off to watch ladies now.

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    Kavaguti is said to have dislocated her shoulder again. I hope she's getting better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colleen o'neill View Post
    I was sorry to see Aliona's change of costume.( Boy , I'm tired of seeing her in catsuit type things. They simply don't suit her physique ) I hope she's kept the FP costume .
    ITA, Aliona looked so much better in the sp outfit she wore at SA. How can we get our thoughts to her??? Please go back to that gorgeous light blue outfit which seemed to have wings. It was light and delicate, which is what she is supposed to be portraying as the Angel. This white legging number with stuff all up around her neck is so way off for the theme, and it seems to weigh her down too. Why in the world, did they think this was better? It just doesn't work. Switch to a white color of the same sp outfit she wore at SA, if she must have white. I do like Szokowy's Demon outfit. They need to get this sp together. They've performed it better in exhibition prior to the start of the season. I can understand them continuing to try for the quad throw (or is it a 3-axel throw), but they need not to let that attempt mess up the rest of the program. Please get the kinks out, my fave pair!!!

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    At least the leggings/tights are not the same old boring nude color as usual.

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