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    Quote Originally Posted by skatinginbc View Post
    I don't skate. All I can tell is that they both skate so smoothly that they are in a class above all others. Can you explain to me why Chan's skating skills are likely higher than Takahashi's?
    First, the judges, Chan fans, commentators, medias, and especially and significantly the fact that non-Chan fans all marvel Chan's skating skills to the point that you'll believe he is the best ever in this skill under current system.

    Second, let's keep in mind the definition of skating skills:

    Skating Skills
    Definition: Overall skating quality: edge control and flow over the ice surface demonstrated by a command of the skating vocabulary (edges, steps, turns, etc.), the clarity of technique and use of effortless power to accelerate and vary speed.


    •Balance, rhythmic knee action and precision of foot placement
    •Flow and effortless glide
    •Cleanness and sureness of deep edges, steps, turns
    •Power/energy and acceleration
    •Mastery of multi-directional skating
    •Mastery of one-foot skating
    •Equal mastery of technique by both partners shown in unison (pairs and ice dancing)
    •Balance in skating ability of individual skaters (synchronized)
    Then watch these videos in mute mode (I think sound will interfere with your judgement). Ignore the upper body movements. Only focus on skater's feet. See what you think? (The reason I chose these two skatings is because they were one of the best skatings for each skater)

    Chan's 2011 World LP:

    Takahashi's 2011 NHK LP:

    Let's check each criteria (I gave the edge to the skater with check marks):

    •Balance, rhythmic knee action and precision of foot placement Chan ✔ Takahashi
    •Flow and effortless glide Chan ✔ Takahashi
    •Cleanness and sureness of deep edges, steps, turns Chan ✔ Takahashi
    •Power/energy and acceleration Chan ✔ Takahashi
    •Mastery of multi-directional skating Chan ✔ Takahashi ✔
    •Mastery of one-foot skating Chan ✔ Takahashi

    I didn't mean that Takahashi wasn't good at all those criteria without marks. He was great. I only meant that I felt Chan did better.
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