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I've weighed back and forth several times on the point one "Balance, rhythmic knee action and precision of foot placement". I thought Takahashi's "precision of foot placement" was as good as Chan's. In Takahashi's program, he used more of this skill than Chan in his. But "Chan's rhythmic knee astion" was much prettier than Takahashi's. Also, I think Chan's deeper than Takahashi's edges made balance more difficult. But Chan's balance was amazing. That's why I gave Chan a check mark on this one but not Takahashi.
It's really so difficult to set all these guys apart. I agree in giving Chan the cleaner, deeper edges.
Dai's balance though seems great to me in that it can keep up with all the upper body movement he does.

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But the difference is difficult to quantify exactly, so I'd probably score them around the same, with Takahashi and Abbott (who really has great SS as well, but I think is very underrated in this aspect) very close behind, about a quarter point or so less.
I also had a quarter in mind, maybe a half but that's too much again. It's funny cause we couldn't assign less than a quarter point difference between them.