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Taka's edge quality is just as good as Patrick's. In the past his programs haven't been quite as difficult, but his knees and control of the blade are just as good. I haven't seen Taka live so I I can't say for sure, but I think he's a tad slower than Patrick and he can't change direction quite as quickly. Otherwise I'd say he's pretty much Patrick's equal in SS and they are defiantly the two strongest skaters currently competing.
The sound of the edge has a lot to do with what kind of step or turn you're doing as well and the amount of force you're placing on the edge. A scratchy edge is always bad as you're too far forward on the blade and the toe picks are being used. This slows you down as well and sounding horrible and wrecking the ice. A deep edge can be silent if the edge is just being held, but if you try to work off the edge, that is push off the edge a solid one can make a grinding sound. The quieter the better, however, as the grinding sound comes from digging in and working against the ice and usually means there is a lack of speed on the skaters part and it can slow you down if you're going fast.
I've never seen Taka in person either (unfortunately), but I have had people who have seen both live tell me that Patrick is definitely the faster skater.

Overall from what I gathered, quiet edging and edging that produces a grinding sound can both come about because of deep, quality edges, but the person with the quietest edges is the one who is lightest on their feet. Thanks for your comment.

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There are certain types of skills that a "ripping sound" is admired such as a cross stroke (different from a crossover) or power pull. In the US test structure, the MIF are done in a silent rink and judges note the "rip" of the edge on cross strokes and power pulls at every level that has these skills integrated (basically, from Prejuvenile all the way to Senior). Without that rip, those skills would come to a grinding halt. It's expected that if these are integrated into the FS program that they should also have that rip if you are near enough to hear it. Each turn also has it's own "sound".
That's really interesting. To be honest, I didn't even know what a cross stroke was when I read your comment (I do now thanks to Suricati on youtube). I'll keep your comment in mind the next time I see any skater in person.

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Comparison: (I gave double check marks I think was the best of them all. One check mark for the better one.)

•Balance, rhythmic knee action and precision of foot placement Chan ✔✔ Takahashi✔ Kozuka✔
•Flow and effortless glide Chan ✔ Takahashi✔ Kozuka✔
•Cleanness and sureness of deep edges, steps, turns Chan ✔✔ Takahashi Kozuka✔
•Power/energy and acceleration Chan ✔✔ Takahashi✔ Kozuka
•Mastery of multi-directional skating Chan ✔ Takahashi ✔✔ Kozuka
•Mastery of one-foot skating Chan ✔✔ Takahashi Kozuka
Thanks for giving me your two cents! I do have to agree with evangeline, particularly on point 1, that I'd have Taka much closer if not right up there with Patrick though.

I also have to thank you for the suggestion of watching without music while focusing on the feet. One thing that always bothered me about Ryan, but that stands out even more when I do this, is how the guy barely bends his knees! On top of his flat edges, it's no wonder he is so slow.