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Only Takahashi'ss belief that he would not be happy not doing a Free skate with a quad prevents the huge high scores he could be getting in a free skate that might be able to beat Chan. Takahashi has no problems going without a quad in the SP and there he was off CHan's record by 3. Takahashi has been throwing away his first jumping pass for 3 seasons now and imagine if he didn't? What score would he get with a triple triple with all 3 in GOE and if he was clean and what would the PCS be?
Takahashi's best ever SP trailed Chan's best by 3 points indicates clearly his chances of beating Chan with a quadless program is indeed extremely slim. His best quadless LP will similarly trail Chan's clean LP. I think Takahashi would rather gamble on a good 4F one of these days because without it, he can't beat Chan anyway.