14th Merano Cup to be held on the same dates as TEB.
Announcement is here: http://isu.sportcentric.net/db//files/serve.php?id=2901
but can't find the entry roster.

From Japan, the entries were Suguri Fumie, Shion Kokubun, Daisuke Murakami, and Akio Sasaki.
But Fumie pulled out yesterday citing ankle injury and inability this year to make her new shoes fit her.

It's the second time this season that she withdrew at the last moment, the first was Finlandia.
Are Finlandia and Merano some type of a comp that ban substitutes?
If not, then Suguri took away two chances of precious experiences of competing abroad from the younger uprising skaters by not announcing withdrawal earlier to let such substitutes take over.
She knew about her injury since when?