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    Sectional Championships

    The schedules and starting orders are up for Eastern and Pacific Sectionals.

    The Midwesterns are a little slow.

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    just wonering, why does Caroline Zhang need to compete at sectionals? Doesn't she have a bye from Skate America and winning a Senior B (Ice Challenge)?

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    She didn't get a bye from Nationals, and her GP event & Senior B events were far enough from away in time from Sectionals that she didn't get a bye from them either. I believe that one or the other did exempt her from Regionals, though.

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    Ok, here's the midwestern sectional info:

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    Practice Report

    I went to Coasts today. It will be my only chance this week. The lesson for the day is "Always bring an extra CD". One of the junior men had the wrong music. His coach came to the rescue with an extra CD. Earlier, in the middle of practice, Caroline Zhang's music had a problem. Karen Oppegard came to the rescue with an extra CD.

    Senior ladies,

    Missing was Danielle Kahle. I'm assuming she hasn't arrived as yet.

    Caroline Zhang looked happy and fit. She didn't have an especially good practice jump wise. The problem with her music disrupted her program but it didn't seem to bother her. She is still kicking that leg on her lutz entry, her loop looks good. The pearl spin always amazes me - the way she lifts up out of it.

    Leah Keizer landed a couple of good looking 3Lutz/3toe combinations (not sure about the edge) in practice, but didn't land it in the program.

    Angela Wang also looked good and fit. On the strength of today's practice, I would think she could be part of the top 4.

    Kristina Struthwolf had a knee brace on and didn't do much jumping. I'm wondering about an injury.

    Senior Men's

    Andrew Gonzalez looked good with a good program run-through. It was good to see Austin Kanallakan again. His jumps look effective except the 3axel, which reminds me of an off balance top. The step sequence is effective. Dennis Phan looks as smooth as ever with those great landings and stretched arms. His jumps are still inconsistent and he still has trouble with the 3axel. Keegan Messing , Johathan Cassar, and Doug Razzano all looked good according to their own strengths. I'm guessing they will be the top three with the 4th spot up for grabs.

    Junior Men's Short Program

    The story of Jr. Men's is Nathan Chen and Philip Warren, both landing clean triple/triples. Philip has greater flow and power. Nathan has excellent spins and steps. David Wang had an appealing 40's program and Jay Yostanto landed a good 3/axel - the only one of the night.

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    What a great report. Thanks. Sounds an excellent comp is about to take place.

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