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Caro is not higher than Alissa in artistry and presentation skills. Their styles are different, but that doesn't mean Caro excels over Alissa in interpretation and choreography. You may enjoy Carolina's programs better -- a lot of fans do. However, Alissa and Carolina are not that far off in terms of artistry, altho' Alissa does edge Caro in spins and Caro has more speed and stronger jumps (altho' Caro's jumps aren't always consistent). Both of them need to step up if they want to be World champion.

I didn't say Caro is higher in artistry, cause I'm not sure what artistry is in figure skating, but Carolina does have better interpretation - her SP is sophisticated, innovative and very musical. And let's not forget she skates to Shostakovich, which is a huge challenge by itself and she might be the only woman in figure skating be able to skate to this piece like she does.
Alissa is, well, Alissa - soppy girly music, soppy girly skating, big smile. Yes, she has maybe the best flow out there and she knows to use her hands and hit great positions. I'm still waiting her to leave her comfort zone and go for it with some exciting stuff.