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But the judges give their scores for the current choreograpy, not for the possible ability, right?

I do understand what artistry in FS means to me, and it's not Alissa's plastic smile and that irritating shoulder move...As well as soppy is soppy and not "beautiful and lyrical" for everyone but me- "Valse Triste" is "beautiful and lyrical", "La Vie En Rose" is soppy all the way, it's obvious it was made especially for the Worlds, to make the French public like the skater. I'm afraid it will have the opposite effect - the program is way too naive and such a sophisticated public wouls probably like more Shostakovich. I'm sure you know French didn't like Edit Piaf very much, her songs were way too primitive for The French public, and she gain her popularity in US, where people actually liked that kind of light, soppy music with some "French", and thus exotic, feeling to it .
Thanks for expressing your opinions LLLLutz. I like watching both Alissa and Carolina, as I said. I don't have any problems with any of their programs. I think they both need to step it up as the season progresses and get stronger out there and skate with more command and confidence. I enjoy them both, and I'm enjoying seeing Mao and a few others among the ladies. Most of the ladies field, unfortunately I find not very interesting and many of the competitions are fairly boring.

It may not be a good idea to generalize about the likes and dislikes of the American public, btw.