Madison Chock & Evan Bates USA
SD Samba: Chick Chick Boom Rhumba: Doom Diggy Diggy
52.01; season's best
Much more smooth and together than in their previous outing. A fair amount of steaminess from Ms. Chock. At least one of the rhumba sequences will not get full credit. Loved their lift--it really went with the theme. And I love the way Madison undulates up out of it.

Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz ESP
SD Mais que nada and Magdalenha by Sergio Mendes

2nd set of three twizzles very labored, but nice rhythm in the other two
Sara fell setting up for the final pose
The lift was that crazy one where he's in a cantilever spread eagle lifting her in a low to the ice position and then they both lean backwards (always love it)
45.71, with one deduction

Kristina Gorshkova & Vitali Butikov RUS
SD Rhumba; Cha Cha
The music was terrible.
The costumes were put together by magpies, storing up shiny bits of this and that
The team was not skating to the music, but this could be because the track being played only loosely resembled music.
It was seldom that any unison was shown by this team.
The best that can be said is that they did the rhumba pattern more or less competently, if not quite in unison or to the music.

Xintong Huang & Xun Zheng CHN
SD Mambo; Rhumba; Samba
Very, very bright yellow/chartreuse costumes with 2 huge pink applique flower up near the neck.
rhumba not too bad
It looked like she almost slipped away from him in the lift
circular step labored
hydrablade for the fun of it
Steps labored with hit or miss edges

50.71 into second place with a season's best