Not Chan's best skate ever, but I love this program and can't wait to see it performed more cleanly.

Wow. Now that was a meltdown from Oda. One of the worst I've ever seen. Poor guy.

Nan Song has a bright future if he can continue to improve.

It's too bad that Kevin Reynolds had to withdraw, but, honestly, I wasn't expecting much anyway. The only thing that used to save him was that he could consistently spin very, very quickly in the air, and thus complete the difficult jumps. But as soon as the jumps start to go wrong, you can see the inherent weaknesses in his basic skills. I find this to be a consistent problem with most of Joanne McLeod's skaters. Think Mira Leung. They are concentrated on the tricks, and it takes them to a certain level, but the fundamentals are never addressed to give them the basis to make it right to the top. I think skaters like Mira and Reynolds are examples of why it would pay in the end to lose placements for a season or two and go right back to rework basic technique.