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Thread: Free Dance, Sat. 11/19 at 2:30 pm EST

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    Madison Chock & Evan Bates USA
    SP Fifth Place 52.01
    FD Jazz version of Chopin's Prelude in E Minor

    Same costumes as SC. Madison's two toned purple with the rag skirt
    She's pointing her toe more.
    Little jump
    Step sequence. When the S&Z teams all know the same circular step, you can plug partners in and out,
    But I love this lift with him in back spiral and her lying flat along his back
    This fake beat over Chopin I do not love
    A very tricky lift right into the twizzles. She runs into him and falls, because he is not getting the ice coverage he should. Choreographically too tough for them yet.
    Up again
    Some nice rather whimsical stuff here
    Lifts mean something, at least some of them
    pair spin. Nice positions by her.
    Despite the fall better than last time
    Spin with her standing on his foot. Clever clever.
    To end.

    He's patting her knee to comfort her in the KnC

    130.94 overall into first place.
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