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Thread: Ladies SP, Friday, 11/25/11 6AM EST

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    I don't think figure skating is equated to sex, relative to other sports. I've shown men pictures of girls doing bielmann spins/spirals, and they don't get aroused. What really sets off the bow-chika-wow-wow are gymnasts wearing those wedgie leotards. The pictures aren't even of gymnasts doing tricks. They're just standing around, turned away from the camera ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatinginbc View Post
    Her choreographer is Nikolai Morozov, am I right? Sorry if I am wrong, but he's getting a reputation of packaging his male students as sexy rock stars and female students as sexy.....
    Is that what the audience want? It reminds me of a comment I heard in actual life: "Not many guys like watching figure skating, which attracts gays and perverts that hope to get a peekaboo view of the young girl's crotch." I watch figure skating for art, not sex. Those poses irritate my eyes.
    In my perspective, it comes down to how well the skater interprets the music and if the movement feels organic and if the skater is giving it everything they've got. I welcome all styles and feel it is a little narrow-minded to criticize someone solely for being overtly sexy. Although I have some issues with Alena's program, the concept of it is a great one for her and I believe many of the poses do favorably add to the interpretation of the music. Her movements bring to life the picture of a wanton woman seducing and/or challenging someone. If people feel uncomfortable with this material, I think it is probably time for them to have a fun night out and release some inhibitions...

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    I also am not crazy about Alena's short program. I find it cheezy (in a Candoloro kind of way) and it seems like she rushes through everything to make time at the end for the step sequence. But I appreciate that she tries to stand out, that she doesn't just skate around with beautiful music in the background. And I agree with Blades that this is the right type of program for her; being able to show her personality seems to bring up the quality of her overall skating.

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