I have no idea what the judge that gave them the 10's was thinking about. I wouldn't have done that, and they should not have done that.

It was over all, not a great night of skating. Meryl and Charlie started their routine by picking up stuff off the ice, which is never a good sign, and Charlie apparently tripped in a rut. At least that's what he said to Marina, when he came off the ice, and considering it was in a transitional part of the program, he may well have (he wasn't particularly doing anything when he stumbled). I am willing to consider jcoates' interpretation, particularly because I know that my tendency, following the stumble, was to watch Charlie more than Meryl to see whether he was going to have a problem with the twizzles since they followed directly after the stumble, and didn't notice that Meryl had a weak exit from the twizzles (possibly because they were reorganizing the program to get on the right beat for the rhumba sequence 1, which immediately follows the twizzles).

What was interesting is that they patched the program back together in such a way that they got the rhumba started on what looked like to me was the correct beat (at least it was the same beat as at SA). In a night of mostly flubs on the rhumba of one sort or another, I might have been a little more enthusiastic about scoring them than I might in some other case (but not 10's nor 9.75's nor 9.50's). Especially because I was primarily watching Charlie for stumble-effects, and his choctaw on the rhumba was OK both sequences. (The most frequently missed key point this year is AFAIR, the second one, and the problem is often/usually step 12, where the lady's edge is not strong on the right back outside edge).