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You think Akiko would win if they all skated cleanly? Interesting.
As long as Mao goes for the 2A in both Sp and Lp, yes, I believe a clean Akiko can win over a clean Mao, since Akiko's technical content is harder and the judged are finally giving her higher PCS this season. It's not a given, all I'm saying it's a possibility. And both of them can easily beat a clean Liza IF they go clean. Akiko won the LP in Skate Canada, having a few jump errors, in front of Liza who was clean(the only glitch was downgrading the 2A-3T to a 2A-2T). Plus, Akiko's PCS went through the roof in NHK trophy.
The wild horse is Alissa, if she goes clean in both SP and LP(which sadly I don't see it happening) she has the ability to win. I just wouldn't bet my money on her to win, she is much to inconsistent.
Of course I can see all the ladies failing to land the big jumps and Liza eating them alive on TES. But i don't want this to happen