my take is this -- because grand prix final is in canada. I think the canadians skaters have the edge

1-2 would be davis/white or virture and moir with 1st going to virture /moir for it being in canada./being ogm medalist.

3rd places is a fight between the rest of them.
i can see it going to weaver/poje because of canadian. the cynic in me.
however if bobrova/soloviev, shibutanis, pechalat/bourzat can all take 3rd.

1) patrick chan
2/3 daisuke takashi or javier fernandez
with jeremy abbot, michal brezina, yuzuru hanyu rounding it out.
but anyone can take the medals.
how the men skate will determine the podumium.

1-3 -savenchko/szolokowy, voloshar/trankov, kavaguti/smirnoff rounding out the medals.

1) mao asada
2) alissa czisny
3) caroline kostner,
why the pcs scores if they skate clean and to the i think they will medal. if the top 3 don't mess up their short program
5) akiko
6) alena
that can go in any order due to how the women skate.
but i think if the top 3 keep their technical content the pcs would be enough to stay in the podium
otherwise i can see elizaveta winning it due to the elder mistakes. after all elizaveta won the short in both sc and teb, and got overtaken in free due to pc scores, but elizaveta won due to people beating her by enough points in free.
after all in sc akik