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Now I found the online translation is very convenient but still often very misleading.
I'll give you the rough traslation.

Thank you so much for your translation

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1. The first step to the RBB’s plans to dominate the world scene by Sochi is underway. I’m not sure what other people’s expectations were. I generally thought that Adelina, as the older, more successful skater last season, was the one people assumed would dominate. But it turned out that the steadier skates of Tuktamisheva was the one to do so (and yes, I’ve learned to spell her name. We’ll need to know how) – which is interesting when you recall she was rather inconsistent on the junior circuit last year (especially in the short program). So, of course, all the early heat goes to Tuktamisheva. It’s worth recalling, though, that the opening salvo from the ladies narrative of the last quad was not with Kim or Asada winning (back to back junior champions) but Miki Ando winning in Tokyo. So just because she’s the early winner here doesn’t necessarily translate to later victories. I have to admit, I’d almost like to see Russian Nationals marked with international judges just to compare the level of skating to Worlds/Euros/4CC. The event will be fascinating.
I’ve seen both Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva skating live, and I think Tuktamysheva’s performance, though still juniorish, had more spark than Sotnikova. But I usually like skaters with good skating skills, and Sotnikova’s SS are much better than Tuktamysheva. I do hope Tuktamysheva can work on her SS and does not become another Gachinski.

I also have this wild feeling that Lipnitskaia may have a better chance than both Sotnikova and Tuktamysheva in Sochi. Could she become another Lipinski?