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Thread: Philippine National Figure Skating Championship

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    You can't get a qualifying score for a Championship at a Championship, so if Zhaira or Caluza don't get one either at a European Senior B or Asia games in January, they won't be at 4CC or Worlds because 4CC is a continental championship event.
    There is no Asian games, that was last year I think, Zhaira already has a qualifying score. Caluza is the one who needs one.

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    He needs to get to a competition that's considered an international BEFORE 4CC then!

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    If Caluza dont get the score, i think they can still send Maverick Eguia, he has the minimum score from the JGP.

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    Chris could have competed at Golden Spin or Istanbul Cup in order to get the minimum score.

    Hopefully he'll manage to compete at one of the January events (I think Helena Cup has Senior Men?).

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