This poll is about what is the <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">2nd</span> most important element in a spiral?
There are 4 other polls about what is the 1st, 3, 4 and 5th most important element. Please try to answer all 5 polls thanks.

There have been a lot of discussions on spirals; I just want a survey of what is your idea of a good spiral. I am posting 5 different survey threads here. What do you think is the most, second most, 3rd, 4th, and 5th important element in a spiral? Most of us are not ISU judges, we haven’t been to judging school, and so I understand our preference maybe very different from the judges. Peggy and Dick have a lot of influence on viewers. Take the example of Irina; they think that her spiral is weak based on the extension, and amplitude. I have learnt that judges care more about the strength of edges speed and ice coverage.

What is a spiral? According to Loosemore
:” Spiral
An edge skated with the free leg extended and held higher than hip level. A relatively easy move, but effective when done with good stretch and speed.
spread eagle “


1.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp EDGE: by definition, spiral involves an edge, so skaters are likely to be rewarded by judges if they have good edges. (Speed, and ice coverage are just the other side of this coin IMHO) By this definition, the charlotte is not a spiral; Button calls it the charlotte stop.
2.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Extension: or the “stretch” example of skaters with great extension: Elena, Katia,Yuka, Kristi, Michelle, Nicole, Sasha

3.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Amplitude: Free leg is supposed to be held to higher hip level, so amplitude is a measure of how high is the free leg, examples of skaters with excellent amplitude, Nicole, Sarah and Sasha

4.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Hip position:Nicole has the best hip position; she is able to hold her free leg high, with extension without twisting her hip 90 degree (or is it 180 degree, Mathaman I need some virtual protractor help here). Sasha tends to twist her hip all the way (IMHO she sacrifice her hip position for the amplitude), MK is somewhere between Nicole, and Sasha.

5. Hands, fingers, and the smile: Before MM posts his observation about the hands and fingers, I have never noticed little details like this. Smiles, or the emotional projection during the spiral: Some skaters take advantage of this moment to do a dim sum (lightly touch your heart)