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What bothers you about his comments, Spun?
Complaints about lack of recognition ("I'm extremely well recognized in Korea just because of what I do on the ice and there is a lack of that in Canada"); putdown of other skaters ("There was a lot more uniqueness between each skater [in the 1980s] whereas nowadays it's almost become a production line"); excessive self-regard ("I hope I can be somewhat of a throwback skater in the fact that I can bring excitement back. I can be like the black sheep of the herd, be different and be unique and be someone people will remember out of the 50 skaters at the world championships").

Sorry, I just don't find this kind of thing becoming. I prefer it when athletes let their actions speak for themselves and speak of their peers with respect. Hopefully Patrick's skating this weekend will be classier than his interview.

Wallylutz, I don't begrudge you your traditionalist gender theories as I have a fair amount of sympathy for them myself, but I do mind your referring to my comment as "hate." That's unnecessarily inflammatory. Criticism does not equal hate.