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Thread: Junior Ladies SP

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    Can't help but think these comments are nothing but bitter people and jealous against Julia

    she is very juniorish ?lmao
    HELLO, she is 13 years old !!! relax, she will improve in years to come.

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    Not bitter at all and for what reason would I be jealous? I'm not competing against her. I didn't attack her in any way. I didn't say she wasn't talented. I said I'd like better choreography on her and proceeded to explain what it was that I DIDN'T like about the choreography.
    I REALLY don't like how they attempted to integrate the extreme flexibility moves into the program because they aren't seemless and appear to be rushed. If they were better integrated (and if she took her time to finish those movements), I wouldn't have posted above. It's a matter of personal preference. I appreciate programs that have seemless looking construction to them - the programs where the moves seem to flow into one another or to be an extension of the last thing. I appreciate seemless construction the most because that is probably one of the hardest things to do for coach, choreographer AND skater because each of the three has a responsibility in making it so - the coach has to drill the skater to the point where the elements are second nature, the skater can't abruptly change their mindset and interpretation because the 3A is coming up next (or the 4T or the 3+3), and the choreographer has to think about how he/she would finish move 1 and what is an obvious extention of that move that should be next. I know there are very few programs that are truly seemless, but Lipnitskaya's is one of the further from due to its construction and as such, it lessens my enthusiasm for her skating. I think that's why I can't really get into PChan's skating either - there's a lot of superfluousness to his movement to pick up transition score (or difficulty for the sake of being difficult). I appreciate his talents blade to ice, but his skating doesn't move me to the point where I'd repeat watch his programs.

    I am not taking a swing at either skater, just stating an opinion of why neither is really that exciting to me - yet.

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