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It was a joke- the height was not really relevent. 3A's are in SP's and LP's. It'd be odd to save a 3A for LP when they are needed in both SPs and LPs. He was the only one not to try a 3A in his SP. The not trying of the jump is the most negative for his career in singles if he wants to have one and skate in seniors. I don't know what his career plans are and if he wants to continue after Jr.

He's freakin' 16! He just hit his first growth spurt in May which made a lot of his elements precarious over the summer (he had a total disaster at Skate Milwaukee) and has recently changed boot brands and styles because he was in the Jackson Hinged boots but they no longer make them. He's talked in some interviews about having to relearn to jump based on the boot change and getting 5 inches taller in a short period of time didn't help that at all! He works HARD. Grant Hochstein recently FINALLY got control of his 3A and he's 20.