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I can't stand that dress on Liza either. She's just a child and the illusion fabric is creepy. Highly inappropriate. I hope the ISU come up with a rule about illusion fabric-especially on child skaters! Liza's dress is grotesque and I don't know how her mother or her handlers could think that dress is okay for a 14 year old.She can look polished and mature without that vulgar, trashy-looking get-up.

Elizaveta's SP dress is also inappropriate with that illusion plunging neckline. I think both dresses are disgusting.

There's no call to resort to insulting someone or calling them names when you don't agree. If you think a person is a prude because they don't believe children should dress showing off most of their skin (even if it IS an illusion on the skater) with plunging necklines to their navel and backside then I don't know what else to say except I think it's very sad.
I agree that both costumes are too revealing for such a young girl. Frankly, I'm glad someone brought it up. I'd like to see her skate to something more age appropriate. It doesn't need to be a Disney song either.