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Thread: GPF Men FP, Sat. 12/10 at 4:55 pm EST

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    Quote Originally Posted by enlight78 View Post
    Some of you guys are so biased. One only deserve to when if like there style and they are the cleanest. For the basic principle of COP has be the same since the beginning. Who ever does the most and earn the most points when. No matter how many mistakes. Patrick did two quads, tripla axel and triple triple, Once again difficulty wins- No else did more tonight. As soon as people can get over the chip of spotless programs on their shoulder understand when people are pushing their limits they won't be perfect they can start enjoying the program and stop hating on people who are being rewarded for pushin the limits of what they can do.
    Yipeee... at last an enlightened and level headed comment. It's amusing reading the hysteria in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by skatinginbc View Post
    Chan's feeling "less Canadian" hasn't stopped people from picking on him. So it is not so much about "Canadian" as about "abilities". If you are a skater with phenomenal abilities, then get ready to be picked like a clean-plucked hen.
    I like your sense of humour!

    Quote Originally Posted by skateflower View Post
    If Chan stops making mistake, the 'bitching' will stop, or
    If Chan continues to make mistake but judges mark it correspondingly, the 'bitching' will stop.

    It is really that simple.
    Nah, a ***** will always be a *****.
    Last edited by Tonichelle; 01-27-2012 at 03:37 AM. Reason: merging... why are we bringing up old fights anyway?

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