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Thread: Link for youtube GP Finals?/TV alert

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    Link for youtube GP Finals?/TV alert

    Is there a site that has most of the figure skating uploaded from the finals? Thanks. I put in Nikaquest and it was not the finals.

    I understand NBC will have mens and ladies final tomorrow from 12-2pm. I believe that is EST. At least according to Heather's Page. I'd rather watch the videos online since I gather from the comp. threads that it wasn't so great. Usually Nikaquest uploads a lot but not everything.

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    This person has some of the videos up with ES commentary.

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    Nikaquest has vids of the GPF for most events including all the senior LPs so far. Just sort the uploads list on her channel page by date added. All the men and ladies from earlier today are there along with the SDs from yesterday and the ladies SPs. I'm sure she will upload everything eventually.

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