Don't forget Jason went through a huge growth spurt this spring (to the tune of ~ 5 or 6 inches) and changed boots since Jackson is no longer making hinged boots which has changed where he is on his skate in jump take offs and landings. His summer competitions were a mess (jump wise) because he had to relearn a lot of things due to the reasons above. That being said, I am THRILLED for him as I know he wouldn't have expected to win without the 3A but it's current state (from interviews) is such that it made no sense to include it yet. I am sure he will get it soon or Kori will look for outside help on it as is her style.

As for his skating style, he's not for everyone but in person he is mesmerizing. He has been even since he was little. You just can't take your eyes off him when he's on the ice. I watched a warm up of Prejuvenile boys and he kept attracting attention of all the boys out there because of his magnetism on the ice. You knew even then he had IT in spades.