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    Junior Competitors and Predictions

    Junior Ladies

    1 Julianne Séguin QC
    2 Valérie Bergeron QC
    3 Gabrielle Daleman CO
    4 Roxanne Cournoyer QC
    5 Veronik Mallet QC
    6 Cassandra McDonnell WO
    7 Jennifer Pettem EO
    8 Olivia Houston CO
    9 Marie-Eve Comtois QC
    10 Kelsey Wiebe BC/YT
    11 Ann-Sophie Gagnon QC
    12 Alexandra Rynn AB/NT/NU
    13 Natasha Purich AB/NT/NU
    14 Samantha Tsui CO
    15 Brittany Jones WO
    16 Brianna Clarkson WO
    17 Rachel Greben CO
    18 Elizabeth Comeau EO
    SUB Anna McCorriston EO

    Junior Men

    1 Iassen Petkov CO
    2 Alistair Sylvester WO
    3 Christophe Belley QC
    4 Peter O Brien EO
    5 Drew Wolfe AB/NT/NU
    6 Francis Boudreau Audet QC
    7 Joel Bond NO
    8 Nicolas Beaudoin QC
    9 Cole Vandervelden AB/NT/NU
    10 Jack Kermezian QC
    11 Mitchell Gordon BC/YT
    12 Alexander Zahariev CO
    13 Francis Beaulieu QC
    14 Nicolas Tondreau-Alin QC
    15 Graeme Gordon BC/YT
    16 Dustin Sherriff-Clayton CO
    17 Denis Margalik CO
    18 Alexandre Vaugeois QC
    SUB Kurtis Hori BC/YT

    Junior Pairs

    1 Krystel Desjardins / Charlie Bilodeau QC
    2 Tamara Jurkiewicz / Alexander Arpin QC
    3 Alexandra Young / Matthew Young NL
    4 Katherine Bobak/Ian Beharry WO
    5 Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson WO
    6 Mary Orr/Anthony Furiano WO

    Junior Dance

    1 Élisabeth Paradis / François-Xavier Ouellette QC
    2 Madeline Edwards / Zhao Kai Pang BC/YT
    3 Noa Bruser / Timothy Lum BC/YT
    4 Victoria Hasegawa / Connor Hasegawa QC
    5 Mackenzie Bent / Garrett MacKeen EO
    6 Andréanne Poulin / Marc-André Servant QC
    7 Caelen Dalmer / Shane Firus BC/YT
    8 Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Yoan Breton QC
    9 Mariève Cyr / Benjamin Brisebois Gaudreau QC
    10 Rachel Kirkland / Christopher Lettner CO
    11 Josyane Cholette / Simon Proulx-Sénécal QC
    12 Carolane Soucisse / Benjamin Smyth QC
    13 Nicole Kuzmich / Jordan Hockley CO
    14 Abby Carswell / Simon Tanguay QC
    15 Sarah Clarke / Steven Clarke EO
    SUB Rebecca Nelles / Nicholas Lettner EO
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    The Junior Pairs from WO are all missing from this list. Not sure if there are others out West yet.

    Katherine Bobak/Ian Beharry
    Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson
    Mary Orr/Anthony Furiano

    And I think there might be another one as well.

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    Have added the three teams to above list

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    Junior predictions

    Junior Ladies:

    1 Seguin
    2 Daleman
    3 Purich
    4 Bergeron
    5 Cournoyer

    Seguin is a very polished skater and strong. Daleman can do it if she gets the jumps counted. Purich had a terrible short at Challenge, but depends on the jumps.

    Junior Men:

    1. Petkov
    2. Sylvester
    3. Obrien
    4. Wolfe
    5. Vandervelden

    Expect top two to stay the same from Challenge. O'Brien to move up a place. Wolfe s still getting stronger from his injury. Vandervelden had the 5th highest Free at Challenge after a disaterous short.

    Junior Pairs:

    1. Bobak/Beharry
    2. Orr/Furiano
    3. Dejardins/Bilodeau

    B/B a lock for 1st. O/F for 2nd. I picked D/B based on Challenge.

    Junior Dance:

    1-3 BC/YT or QC

    Don't really know here. Teams from BC/YT and QC are strong. I expect the Hasagawas to improve on Challenge

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    Junior ladies SP has just been skated and Daleman was on fire landing 3Z ( huge ) 3S+2T and 2A , all jumps gorgeous.

    She scored 47.59 in the short.

    If she wins junior ladies there is a very good chance she will get the ticket to JW as she has by far the most consistent 3Z ( the key jump in the short this season ) of all the ladies that can go to JW. Indeed her lutz is even more consistent than that of Phaneuf and Lacoste.

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    While I agree with Daleman having a great skate last night, I am not convinced that the lutz is that consistent (She missed it at Challenge and at some other competitions). will be interesting to see how she handles the pressure on Wednesday to stay ahead. Realistically, would SC send a person to Jw who never skated internaionally before?

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